Where To Store Your ________ ?

No matter what type of house you are living in or looking for, there is always a way to maximize the space you have in order to stay clean and organized. All you have to do is get a little bit creative in the way you use extra space! We have a few ideas of how you can store certain things in your home. 






You may have extra linens lying around as a spare set for your bedroom or maybe a guest room. This can include an abundance of spare pillows, comforters, and bed sheets that take up more than enough precious closet space. If you don’t want to sacrifice getting rid of extra linens for the house, there may be another option in storing these in a more efficient way. What you can do is pick a couple of vacuum storage bags that you can remove the air from so they shrink down in size. These are so easy to use and really maximize your storage space where it counts.




If you are a shoe connoisseur or somehow just ended up with an overflowing amount of shoes, there are some storage options for you. Instead of having shoes lie around all over the floor, you can choose to get an over-the-door shoe rack that holds a decent amount of shoes. They will be off the ground, so you will not trip over them and your home will look that much more organized. Another great storage idea is to get a block cubby that can hold multiple pairs of shoes and they can be stacked as well. 




If you are into holidays and decorating your home for each occasion, you either already have a surplus of holiday decorations or collecting them may be your thing as well. Unless you already have a dedicated space where you keep your decoration in those giant green bins, it might be a good idea to add some sturdy shelving somewhere out of sight in your home to house these.  


Looking For More Space Or Trying To Get Rid Of Yours?


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