Cash Offers

What’s The Deal With Cash Offers


Going through the home-selling process with a cash offer is a vastly different experience than the typical way through financing with a lender. There is always the debate of whether it’s better to go through financing or accept a cash offer. We are here to give you a few of the benefits that seller’s have with taking a cash offer.


Cash Offers

Fast Closing


If you have a cash offer on your property, you could be handing over the keys quicker than you think. Without having to go through a lender, you significantly reduce the process by not needing any underwriting. A benefit with having a cash offer, is it takes a lot of variables and stress out of the whole process.


Not So Risky Business


If you are looking to sell your home in today’s market, the odds are you will have multiple offers to choose from. Potential buyers do not always have cash offers, and for that reason, their financing process may not go the way they think. As we have said, there are a lot of variables when it comes to financing versus cash. If something doesn’t pan out, you, as the seller, could be sitting on your property longer than you would like. With a cash offer, you will have money on the spot and a more secure way of finalizing a sale.




An appraisal in the home buying process is a professional’s opinion and evaluation of a property’s value. When financing a home, once an appraisal is completed, a lender then decides whether they want to allow the finance of the sale. What you should know is that they don’t always say yes. If they say no, it is a huge drawback. Now with a cash offer, an appraisal isn’t even involved as it is not required. 


Ready For A Competitive Cash Offer?


With cash offers from Home Buyers Express, you choose when you want to close, and we’ll pay for the closing costs! Our goal is to provide a stress-free way for our clients to sell their homes, no matter the reason. Our team is composed of helpful people who are knowledgeable in all different aspects of real estate. Your home is in good hands with Home Buyers Express. Please visit our website at for more information about the buying and selling process.  


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