What Type of Housing is Right for Me?

When it comes to housing, there are almost too many options. It’s a double edged sword — the type of housing you choose might depend on your life circumstances, and your life circumstances might depend on the housing you choose. 


In order to determine what kind of housing is right for you, ask yourself these few questions: 


Q1: How much space do you need? 



It’s important to take both your existing and future plans into consideration when asking this question. For example, it might just be you and your husband, but you’re planning on having a baby within the next year. Or maybe you have an elderly family member who needs assistance and is planning to stay with you. Be sure to factor in every possible scenario. If you don’t need a lot of space, it might be worth trading some square footage for city living perks. In which case, a condo, townhome, or apartment might be best. 


Q2: Do you like to DIY? 


If you’re someone looking to build your dream living space, an apartment or condo probably isn’t for you. There’s only so much power you have to personalize your space when you don’t personally own it. Apartment, condo, and town-home complexes are pretty strict on what you can and can’t change. So if you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to decor, a house might be your best option. 


Q3: How much are you willing to spend? 


The cost of living is arguably the most important factor when deciding on a living situation. Buying a home is a big investment, and should only be considered if you expect to have consistent income long-term. However, ad hoc costs of rented properties and the monthly rental fees themselves might end up costing as much as a monthly mortgage payment. In all, think smart. Just because you want to buy a home, doesn’t mean it’s the right time to do so. 


Q4: What amenities and features are important to you? 


Everyone has different priorities. Making a list of what’s important to you will help you determine what type of housing best suits your needs. For example, you might be willing to spend a little more if you can reduce the commute time to your job. On the flip side, maybe you are working from home permanently, and have the flexibility to live in a more suburban area. 


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