Extra Room

What To Do With An Extra Room

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room in the house, why not make it into something great! Maybe you want to take your storage room to the next level, or get really creative with four blank walls. Whichever is your path, we have a few ideas for that extra spare room of yours!


Extra Room


Play Room


If you have kids, a playroom might be the right fit for that space. A playroom can actually help to keep your home organized, as backwards as that may seem. Having all their toys, stuffed animals, and everything else in a dedicated space, means it will all be confined to one area, instead of spread out all over the house. To start, pick out a fun, color rug that will tie into the playfulness of the room. Any furniture or chairs, you will want to think about being sustainable or easily washable from stains. If your kid or kids are future artists, make sure to stock the room with plenty of paint supplies, makers, and easels to let them play for hours. 




Maybe hanging out your house and having a chill night in is more your style. Why not think of converting your space into your own personal movie theater. This space does not need to be the same size as an actual movie theater in order for you to enjoy it. It’s all about how you decorate it! Grab a large tv and some comfy couches and you’re off to a great start. Maybe you want to add in surround sound, or even a fun popcorn machine to get the full effect.


Closet Room


Have an overflowing closet or needing space to house all of your things? A full room closet might be the answer. Having a whole room for your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories adds a sort of luxurious element to a house. With the same concept as the playroom, everything will be in one area, which will minimize clutter and be easier to find things. Install shelving systems, a cabinet for accessories 


Looking For A Home With A Little Extra Space?


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