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Tips for Owning an Older Home

If you love a good antique, you’ll understand the nostalgic appeal of an older home. Older homes have astounding historical features that you’ll never find in modern homes. Talk of the exceptional wood-burning fireplaces, the wood decorations, wood ceilings, huge backyards with unique flowers; all these are the incredible features that you’ll rarely find in today’s homes.

While you may want to own one of these ancient gems, it pays to do a little research and investigation before buying an older home. Let’s explore a few tips for owning an older home:

Things to Look Out for When Owning an Old Home

Before you take the plunge and put a down payment on an older home, make sure it goes through a thorough inspection to avoid ending up with a money pit on your hands. Here are a few things to look out for:

Check for any electrical problems

Older homes tend to have ancient wiring and electrical panels. Since the electrical systems in older homes weren’t designed to keep up with high energy consumption, insulation on old wiring can start to wear and become a safety hazard. It’s crucial to have an electrician inspect the house before you decide to own it.

Check HVAC systems

Let an expert inspect the home’s HVAC system, including any air conditioning or furnaces. Many older homes don’t have any air conditioning systems in place, so consider if this is important to you.

Be wary of hazardous materials

Check for hazardous materials such as lead. Exposure to lead can cause many negative health effects. Lead paint was banned in the U.S. in 1978, so if the home was built before then, there’s a higher chance that it has lead paint. Make sure your inspector tests for it.

Pay attention to the foundation

Older homes may have foundations that are cracked, uneven, sunken, or have been damaged over time and need repair. So, it’s vital to address any issues head-on to keep the property safe and livable.

Confirm the age of the roof

Roofs must be replaced every 10-20 years, based on the quality of the roofing, materials used, and workmanship. Be sure to confirm when the roof was last replaced. You’ll also want to check any other roof issues that may need repair.

Inspect for plumbing problems

Older homes come with old plumbing systems, which can result in flooding and subsequent mold infestations. Be sure to find out how old the pipes are and what they’re made of before you commit to owning the home.

Is Owning an Old Home the Way to Go?

As the adage goes, “Old is gold”. Buying an old house helps you find a unique home that meets your style and budget. However, always make sure you understand what you’re signing up for before you proceed with the purchase.

Some of the benefits of owning an older home include:

  • A lower purchase price as compared to buying modern homes
  • Older homes have a unique charm and beauty
  • Older homes tend to be in established neighborhoods
  • Your property taxes may be lower
  • Beautiful and mature landscaping

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