Taking Care of Outdoor Spaces

Taking Care of Your Outdoor Spaces

The weather is still nice this time of year and that means a lot of people are living it up in their outdoor spaces before we head into winter. Whether it’s kids jumping in and out of the pool or adults hosting a fun barbecue for all their friends, maintaining these outdoor spaces is important. You can make sure the outdoor spaces of your home are functioning at their best with these tips.


Taking Care of Outdoor Spaces


Decks and Terraces


In the summertime is when decks and terraces are used the most. Doing some routine maintenance of them will allow them to last for years to come. Every now and again, inspect these areas for things like wood needing to be replaced, loose nails, or cracks in the foundation of them. Another great idea is to have them power washed to remove mold, mildew, and other dirt.  


The Outdoor Furniture


When most people choose outdoor furniture for their outdoor spaces, it tends to be durable against the elements, but these tips can make them last even longer. It is best to dust and clean the furniture regularly. Something as simple as a basic water and soap mix will keep them clean and looking new. As far as materials like seat cushions, wiping them down and leaving them outside to air dry is the best way to maintain their longevity. 


Pools and Spas


Pools and spas make great additions to any backyard, and maintaining their upkeep will keep them up to speed each time they are used. It is a good idea to measure the PH levels of the water on a regular basis. Keeping dirt and debris out of these areas will be very helpful and keep the filters clean of build up. A vacuum for these areas is also a good thing to have on hand for fast and effective cleaning. 


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