Moving with Children

Tackling Moving with Children

Moving is a big and huge undertaking when you have to pack up all of your stuff and take it to a new house. There is a lot of time invested into it and stress that comes along the way. Moving is already a daunting task when it’s just two people, but what if you have kids? Having them in the mix adds another level of preparedness and responsibility that you have to be ready for. A lot of unknowns can pop up with them and we have a few tips to make it an easy transition.


Moving with Children


Be Positive


Depending on the age of your kids, they might take the move in different ways. Some might be excited about a new adventure. Going to a new place is exciting. Some may take it a different way. They may be leaving behind friends or a place that is familiar to them and that can cause them to be sad. The best way to handle a move is to be positive in the transition. Emphasize all the things that have to look forward to in their new home. 


Notify Them Early


Being able to give your kids as much heads up as possible about a move can really benefit you in the long run. It will allow them time to process what will be happening in the future. It will also give them time to ask any questions and put them more at ease if they are concerned about anything.




A good idea is to maybe visit the town or new home before you actually move in. Show them around the neighborhood and all the cool things they will have access to. Maybe that includes a new school or a park around the corner from the house. 


Personal Items


Every kid has their favorite items. Whether that is a toy, blanket, shoes, or something else. A thing that might help with moving homes is to keep these items from being packed away in a box. You may want to let them put them into their backpack or bag so they are close to the items that they are familiar with. It will help with a less complicated transition if they feel comfortable with their items as you move. 


Have Any Questions?


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