Reorganizing Your Home in the New Year

Reorganizing Your Home in the New Year

With just a few days into the New Year, you’re feeling recharged and inspired to take on all of your goals! Why not start with your home goals first! To get that coveted feeling of a spacious and clutter-free home, we have some great ways to keep your house looking spotless!


Here are a few tips! Reorganizing Your Home in the New Year:


Reorganizing Your Home in the New Year

Home Office


Getting your home office in order will help with getting other things in order as well. Whether you use your office as a mail storage place, or perhaps it’s where you keep track of all of your bills, this is a good start to get this room into shape. Start by going through the random stacks of paper or junk mail that may have made its way into this room. You can even consider going paperless for your bills to cut down on the mess. Consider adding a wall calendar to keep track of all deadlines and events so you will know when everything is. 




Are you finding more and more articles of clothing that you haven’t worn in years? The change in season should get you in the mood to change out that closet. Look around for items that you no longer wear or do not not fit. In no time, you will realize how getting rid of these will create a lot more space and organization. Another great idea is to store Spring and Summer clothes together, and store Fall and Winter clothes together. If you have the space, store the opposite season away so you have ample room for the current seasons’ clothes and things will be easy to find.


The Kitchen


A lot goes down in the kitchen. Meals are made day after day, dishes pile up, messes are split, and everything else in between. A great start to the New Year is to do a deep clean of your kitchen. Here are some areas you can start with:


  • Get rid of any expired foods or seasonings that take up space
  • Just like clothes, consider donating or selling appliances that you do not use
  • Get a new set of dish towels, especially if yours are worn or torn – throw those out!
  • Wipe down fridge shelves to clean out the messes
  • Go through the pantry and cabinets to reorganize food


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