Great Month For Sellers

Reasons Why November Is A Great Month For Sellers

People tend to hesitate to sell a home during the holiday season as they assume that it’s an off-peak time. If you are ready to sell a property, homebuyers actually do consider properties available around this time of year. Thanksgiving isn’t the only reason to look forward to November. This month specifically, has its advantages when it comes to selling a home.  Here are a few reasons why november is a great month for sellers.


Great Month For Sellers


Less Competitive


Wintertime gets a bad rap when it comes to the old age idea that homes sell the best in the Spring and Summer.  Because of this ideology, sellers take their home off the market or put it on hold until the warmer months approach. But, they are actually missing out on a bigger potential to sell. In the winter months, there are fewer homes on the market and your property instantly becomes a more desirable home for them to consider buying. Throw away those outdated ideas and you could be selling your home faster and closer to your asking price. 


The Motivation


There could be many reasons that people are looking for a new home in November. Chances are it is because it works best with their schedule, they have a time constraint, or are hoping to land a great deal. In any case, the motivation levels are higher because they are honed in their house hunting for more specific reasons. Don’t discount the cold months; usually cold weather and snow are deterrents, but for those motivated hunters, that won’t matter to them. If a property is available for them to view, there is a higher probability that they will make an offer near listing price. 


The Tax Breaks


Buying a home at the end of the year can be very attractive to homeseekers. If a buyer can land a home late in the year, they can still cash in on the deduction of a property from their taxes. This also includes interest and property taxes. On the flipside as a seller, closing on a home around November may allow you to avoid any capital gain taxes. 


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