Homeowner Associations

Pros of Homeowner Associations

A homeowner association is a group of resident-elected homeowners who set up and enforce rules and regulations for their neighborhood. If you are looking for a property type such as a condominium, single-family home, or townhouse, there might be a chance that an association is already implemented in that community. Reasons for a neighborhood to have a homeowners association may be to have community agreement on things like utilities, master insurance, and maintaining outside areas surrounding the building or neighborhood. 


Homeowner Associations

While living in a property with a HOA there can be many benefits, but it is also wise to understand guidelines and rules you need to follow before making your decision permanent. We’ve compiled a pros and cons list for taking part in homeowner associations. 


The Outsides

Homeowner associations can be beneficial for taking care of the outside of your home. While you are responsible for the inside of the walls of a property, some associations take care of things like power washing the outside, replacing siding, roof maintenance, or fencing. These are a lot of areas where you could be shelling out high dollar amounts to have fixed or replaced. In a community that provides these services, you don’t have to worry about some major home maintenance and that in itself is a plus. 


Community Areas

Typically it is common that a homeowner association is present if there are community areas. A lot of times these associations take care and update communal areas like parks, pools, community centers, and playgrounds. It is a great asset as a homeowner to have these areas available for you to use without having to worry about upkeeping them. 


The Neighbors

At some point when you move into a space, you eventually will meet your neighbors and see them around. While most people end up getting along with or being friends with them, there are  some times where neighbors can be at odds over even the smallest issue. With a homeowner’s association, they want to keep a balance in the community and will help with any issue they can. If there is a disagreement over anything, they will step up and act as a mediator to understand the views on both sides and come to a mutual agreement. This is especially helpful if a neighbor is a witness not following a HOA rule and you want to avoid any tension surrounding that.  


At the End of the Day

At the end of the day, your neighborhood will look good. You will have peace of mind coming home to a well maintained and stress free environment. That is probably one of the most important traits you would want in a home and with a homeowner’s association, they can give that to you. 


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