Popular Home Styles

Most Popular Home Styles In MD

Georgian Colonial


Georgian Colonial is probably the most common out of all of the colonial styles. This type of home can be immediately identifiable by its square shape, and it usually has two stories. The front porch is where it brings in the attention as the door is most often under an overhang with tall columns on either side of it. 

Popular Home Styles

Cape Cod


Cape Cod is the All-American style if we had to choose just one. This style of home has a lot of unique features to offer a home buyer. Cape Cod homes typically have a chimney, a steep roof, a shingled exterior, and multiple floors. It’s all of the style of an expensive home, just in a smaller body. Although there are some Cape Cod homes that are one story as well. 




The Tudor is actually a pretty popular style choice for the East Coast. This style is easy to spot as the home is usually made up of dark brick on the exterior. There are no flat roofs here! The Tudor comes with a steep, triangular shaped roof that is overlapping a few others.  




A Mediterranean style house wouldn’t be the first style that comes to mind when living in Maryland, but it has become popular over the years. The typical characteristics of this style home include clay roof tiles, arched windows, and wrought-iron details such as a balcony fence. It usually has a warm and inviting atmosphere by using warm colors and most often includes a spacious backyard.


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