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Mistakes To Avoid When House Hunting

House hunting can be a tedious and overwhelming task, especially for a first-time home buyer. When it comes to purchasing a home, mistakes are inevitable. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who says their experience went 100% according to plan. 


house hunting


In an effort to avoid making the same mistakes as your fellow home buyers, we’re listing out all the common mishaps, and how you can avoid them. 


Mistake #1: Trying to do it alone. 


While you could handle the house hunting process alone, we certainly don’t recommend it. Utilizing a lender is the best way to ensure you’re maximizing your efforts. In addition to providing expert advice in your local market, they also have access to a wider range of available listings. Oftentimes, house hunters bypass a lender’s help because they assume it’s too expensive. However, the buyer’s agent is usually paid by the seller, creating fewer downsides to utilizing an agent.


Mistake #2: Losing sight of the bigger picture. 


This can happen as a result of two things: creating a search that is too narrow, or not being open-minded enough. While you might have an ideal location in mind, don’t let it be the end all be all. You might be surprised at what you find outside your narrow search. Property taxes might be lower, or you might be closer to public transportation. In the same sense, make sure you aren’t being too nit-picky. While your wants and needs are important, you’ll most likely have to flex on a few amenities and features. Ask yourself if those missing amenities and/or features are something you could add in or fix up. Overall, having a focus that is too specific could limit your search. 


Mistake #3: Failing to provide documentation. 


In today’s competitive market, getting a mortgage pre-approved is a critical step in ensuring the home buying process goes smoothly. It also proves your credibility, and creates a more organized foundation for your house hunting efforts. You’ll also be able to see how money you have to work with, and a clearer understanding of your financial components like credit history, assets, and debt.


Mistake #4: Not trusting your gut. 


Remember, this is no one else’s decision but your own. It’s easy to let opinions from family members and friends flood your brain. And while those opinions should be taken into consideration, it’s on you to make the final decision. By not trusting your gut, you might wait too long to pull the trigger, and lose the house. Or, you might pull the trigger too quickly based on other’s feedback, and end up with a house you’re not thrilled about. Either way, remember that the housing market moves quickly. Be confident in your wants and needs, and work with a lender to guide you. This is the most effective combination for achieving your desired home goals. 

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