Keep Your Pets Safe

Keep Your Pets Safe on Holidays

The holidays are a fun time for friends and family to gather and spend time together. Usually that comes with holiday decorations, drinks, food, and all other kinds of things to commemorate the holidays. With all of this going on, it can be hard to keep your home safe and healthy for any pets you might have.

Especially for holidays that are focused around food and candy, like Halloween or Thanksgiving. We have some tips for things to keep your eye on when hosting your next holiday party, and how to keep your pets safe.


Keep Your Pets Safe


Food Dangers


It is most commonly known that chocolate is very dangerous and unhealthy for animals. Keep an eye for food or sweets that may fall on the floor or get left behind. We know our animals are very curious and happy to pick up anything type of food that interests them. 


Any time of fatty food or heavily spiced foods should be kept for the humans only. These can have different effects on animals. You never know how sensitive they may be towards different types of food. If gotten ahold of, there may be a few costly medical bills from them getting sick.


Their Own Space 


It might be a good idea to designate a room or space in your house for them to be comfortable and happy with when having a party or friends over. Heightening anxiety comes with new people and they either may get excited or possibly aggressive over protecting their known territory. It is also a good idea to keep their food, water, and some treats in this area as well. 


Loud Noises


For holidays like 4th of July or New Years, where people tend to break out the loud noise makers and fireworks, it may be a scary time for them. There are some pets who love them and are intrigued, and there are some who get frightened. This also can even include music you may play while hosting your party, or loudness all together. 




For holidays like Halloween, costumes are such a fun thing to go all out on. However, it may scare pets when they dont recognize their owner or they are wearing an overly big or terrifying costume. It may put them in protect mode and may lash out from the lack of familiarness. 


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