How to Prepare Your Home for Virtual School

Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, virtual learning has become the new norm. While some enjoy and benefit from online learning, others may find it difficult to concentrate and stay engaged. Whether you’re a college student or a mom of three, these tips will help you optimize your home space, and hopefully make things feel a bit more normal. 

prepare your homeHave a designated area for school. 

Having a designated area in your home for schooling is more important than you think. We strongly advise not doing school work in your bedroom. Your room should be a place of relaxation, and working in a relaxation space can cause your brain to correlate your room with stress. This could mess up your sleep patterns, and cause cabin fever. Make sure you set up your space in an area of your home with few distractions, is quiet, and has natural light. The natural light will help your mood tremendously, and help keep you alert. 

Make the space comfortable. 

You’ll be spending a lot of time in this spot, so make it comfortable! Invest in a good desk chair, and equip your area with all the materials you might need (i.e, pens, paper, sticky notes, etc) so you don’t have to get up too often. We also don’t recommend taking Zoom classes or calls on your phone. It’s hard to stay engaged in school on a mobile device, so we definitely advise investing in a monitor, laptop device, or both if you’re interested in working with dual screens. Think of your work space like dressing up for an interview. When you look good, you feel good! Purchase items that will put you at ease and keep you zen throughout the day, like an essential oil diffuser or candles. And personalize your space with small knick knacks, photos of friends, etc. Make it a unique space that you’re excited to come to every day!

Give yourself a schedule. 

Taking breaks throughout the day is critical to your overall focus and motivation. It’s easy to get stuck on a task and not take a break until it’s finished. Taking frequent breaks will give your brain a few minutes to hit the reset button, and will lead to better productivity in the long run. Taking breaks is also good for your physical health. Many of us are sitting all day with little movement, which causes tightness in your hips, back and shoulders. Even if it’s just a 5 minute walk, loosening up your muscles will leave you feeling less lethargic and stiff. If you struggle remembering to take breaks, try blocking off times on your calendar or asking a family member to remind you. In addition to taking breaks, make sure you’re staying on a consistent schedule each day. Waking up and going to bed at the same time each day will help your sleep patterns and keep you more alert for school. 

Make time for unrelated school activities.

Remember: recess, gym class, lunch, and after school activities were a large part of pre-pandemic schooling, and should continue to be during virtual schooling. Finding ways to incorporate fitness and creativity into your day to day routine will keep your mind fresh and make virtual learning feel less monotonous. 

We hope these tips will help set you up for success! 

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