How to Increase Your Home’s Value in the First Year


Think back to when you were touring the home you live in now. Chances are, you analyzed and noticed every detail as you walked through the home. And as you became settled into the home, those details were most likely forgotten. The thing about home improvement is, you should never wait until you’re about to move out. In fact, you should start improving your property as soon as you move in! Not only will it increase your home’s value in the first year, but it’ll save you time and energy from doing it upon move out.

What improvements should I consider making to my home in the first year? 


  1. Carpets. 

This is something that often gets left to the new homeowner to fix. In many cases, the carpet is either outdated, dirty, or patchy. Before moving in, considering installing new carpets, or replacing the carpet with tile or hardwood. Try to choose something that is versatile and modern, so it will appear to future homeowners as well.


  1. Kitchen appliances.

The days of white textured fridges are over. It’s safe to say that any apartment, condo, or house without stainless steel appliances tends to look a bit outdated. Steel appliances create a cleaner, sleeker look, and add a good chunk to your home’s overall value. In addition, consider redoing the cabinets and countertops as well. 



  1. Garage and driveway.

valueRedoing the garage might not be the first thing on your list, but it can actually add a lot of value to your home. Take a look and see if the main door needs replacing, or additional space can be added. For example, if the house is a family 4-5 bedroom home but only has room for one car, adding more space can add to the value of the home. In addition, the driveway is a big first impression when people are pulling up to the home. The more aesthetically pleasing you can make it, the better.  


  1. Open floor plan.

Everyone wants their home to feel spacious, however this might prove difficult if your home is on the smaller side. There are a few ways in which you can make your home appear larger. The first is to tear down any unnecessary walls. Second, be sure to utilize mirrors. And third, get rid of the clutter. Completing all three of these tasks is a sure fire way to create more space in your home


  1. Age-accessible rooms. 

Think about where your home’s location is. Are you in a newer neighborhood with families and young children? Or an older neighborhood near retirement areas? If you think your home might be appealing to older buyers, consider adding age-accessible features to the home. For example, you can add grab bars to the bathrooms, or install walk in showers vs. a tub.


  1. Energy efficiency.

Energy efficient features are becoming more popular for prospective homebuyers, and there’s a few ways you can implement them. Consider adding an energy efficient HVAC system, solar panels, or vinyl windows. Not only does this increase your home’s value, but it can also help lower utility bills. 


  1. Bathrooms. 

The bathrooms are high traffic areas of the home, and appraisers tend to look at this area first knowing it’s a critical component for homebuyers. You don’t need to completely remodel the bathroom, but consider replacing the vanity, toilet, and/or light fixtures to spruce it up a bit. 


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