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How To Host Thanksgiving At Your Place

The biggest food holiday of the year is approaching quickly, and preparation for your household’s feast is about to kick off! Everyone is excited to gather and enjoy each other’s company during Thanksgiving while enjoying some delicious food. If you are the host this year, we have some helpful reminders to make your Thanksgiving run smoothly. 

host thanksgiving

Have a Plan


Thanksgiving can be a stressful event if it’s your first time hosting or if there are a lot of moving parts with the dinner, events, and guests. The best thing you could do for yourself is to make a plan. Are you planning dinner on actual Thanksgiving Day or waiting until the weekend for the big event? Set a certain date, that way, you can prioritize different aspects of turkey day. A good headcount and the type of you want to serve is a great place to start. 


The Big Table


Do you want your Thanksgiving to have a little pizzazz? Picking out and deciding ahead of time how you want your table decor and arrangements set up will save you a lot of stress. As a host, we know you’ll want everything to be perfect and go smoothly. This tip will help with that. You’ll be able to wow your guests while having it all under control. 




Along with finalizing your guest list, it is also important to note if any guests will be staying the night. With all of the cooking and prep needed for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to have things ready for your overnight guests. Lay out extra towels, bedsheets, and toiletries to make their stay more comfortable. 


All of the Food


Getting supplies and cooking the main dishes for Thanksgiving is a good way to be successful on this holiday. Don’t overwhelm yourself with having to handle all sorts of appetizers, drinks, sides, and desserts. Asking family members or friends to bring a side or dessert can really lighten food responsibilities as the host. This is also a great idea for getting a variety of foods on the dinner table. Maybe a friend is known for baking pie, or a cousin makes some killer mac and cheese. 


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