How Covid-19 Has Impacted The Real Estate Market and Homeowner Preferences


The pandemic has forced us to spend the majority of our days indoors. There are many outside luxuries we took for granted, and homeowners everywhere are beginning to re-evaluate their preferences and what amenities are needed in their homes. Things that may not have been a priority before might suddenly seem like a necessity, like having a dedicated office space or making room for a home gym. 


What homeowner preferences are changing as a result of the pandemic?


  1. Location.


As the world has shifted to remote working, commute time to an office is becoming less of a priority. Living in the city is expensive, and finding a place that is both affordable and quality can be challenging. With travel time suddenly disappearing from the equation, many working professionals are transitioning to more affordable suburban areas.




  1. Space.


Pre-pandemic, our kids were busy at soccer practice, school, etc. None of us were prepared to have them at home full time. Now that homes are doubling as schools, daycare, gyms, and more, families are recognizing the need for additional space. Many families are on the hunt for homes with spare bedrooms, or ideal layouts that maximize square footage.


  1. Sunlight.


Having an outdoor area isn’t a big priority for some. However as we continue to spend time indoors, many have recognized the need for some additional vitamin D. Since many recreational facilities are still closed, homeowners are looking to create their own personal outdoor space. For people in close proximity to other houses, fenced housing has become a bigger priority. Some are even looking for gardening space, for fear that food supply at grocery stores will run out.


  1. Office Space.


Remote working has proved challenging for professionals everywhere. Having a home office was never needed, until suddenly it was the only place you could work. This has proved especially difficult for those with kids. Chances are you’ve been on a video call with a co-worker and heard screams or feet pit pattering through the halls. Not to mention, working in a space that’s supposed to be relaxing can be damaging to the psyche. Many are working in their bedrooms, where work and relaxation have blended together. This can affect sleep patterns, focus, and overall mood. In addition, homeowners are making the connection between natural light and productivity. 


  1. Gyms. 


Gyms have been re-opening, but not everybody feels safe enough to go. At any point, they might shut down again. This uncertainty has prompted homeowners to install a home gym. As home buyers begin their search, they might look for an unfinished basement or outdoor shed they can renovate. Homeowners who already took this step will see an added value in their home, making it easier to sell


How has the pandemic shaped your home buying preferences? What renovations did you do to your home in 2021? Share with us in the comments below!

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