Decorating Trends

Home Decorating Trends to Watch For In 2021

Interior design can be a hot and cold topic — you either really love it or hate it! Everyone’s style varies, as it’s dependent on personal preferences, square footage, style, etc. Changes in interior design can also happen for various reasons. Maybe you’re relocating homes and going for a new look. Or you’re renovating a specific area of your home, or asked to renovate for someone else. 


Decorating Trends

Whatever the case may be, we want you to feel empowered and creative with your interior design efforts. That’s why we’re highlighting a few of our favorite decorating trends so far in 2021!


If you’re looking to switch things up, consider looking into the decorating trends below:  


1. Simplicity with structure. 


You’ve heard the saying before: less is more! Many people go for a minimalistic look because it opens and brightens up the space. Clutter can often make a room feel cramped, and takes away from larger objects such as furniture, mirrors, etc that typically define a room. Simplicity with structure is an effort to create a calm, comfy, and inviting space, without overdoing it. Using neutral, faded tones and comfortable fabrics can help create this low-maintenance look. If you want to add a few pops of color, consider bold and bright accent trinkets such as vases, picture frames, clocks, etc.


2. Roof windows


Over the course of the pandemic, many homeowners realized how important it was to have natural light in their homes. It helps improve productivity, and can have a great impact on overall mental health. Unfortunately, condo and apartment owners might find themselves limited in expanding this natural light, since they don’t own the property. However if you own a home and have the budget to do it, we highly recommend roof mirrors! Allowing light to come in from the ceiling will do wonders for expanding natural light in your home, and the placement adds a fun alternative to the traditional front, side, and rear windows. 


3. Plants galore


No matter what interior design style you have, plants are a great addition to any home! In 2021, we’ve seen a rise in decorative succulents and increased technology that keeps them healthy and strong indoors. We’ve also seen people install hanging plants indoors, many of which have crystals attached to reflect light throughout the home. Since we’ve been confined to our homes in the past year, having plants in the home might help you feel connected to the outdoors, even if you can’t go out that much. 


4. Minimalist office spaces


Remote working is still in full swing, which has forced many professionals to reconsider their home office configuration. For most, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Eliminating the amount of stuff in your office space is proven to increase productivity and increase your overall mood. We love the look of a large desk, with a few frames on the walls and knick knacks throughout the room. 


5. Optimized storage space


Storage space can run out quickly — but you might have more than you think! Storage space can go beyond cabinets and closets if you start getting creative. We highly recommend taking a trip to the Container Store, and utilizing small drawer sets and hooks wherever you can. Find ways to stack and consolidate, and place items strategically to maximize space. 


What decorating trends have you been loving in 2021? Share with us in the comments below! 


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