Garage Organization

Garage Organization

Off The Floor


Shelves and organization options are going to be your best friend when it comes to your garage. Keeping things off the floor is a good recommendation. By doing this, any leaks or elements from the weather will keep things dry and clean. 


Garage Organization

Work Station


If you are handy or have a lot of tools, consider having a dedicated area in your garage for a workstation. You can add a desk, work bench, and drawers to store any tools that you might have. 


The Floor


Deciding what type of floor your garage has can have big benefits. If you are looking to redo it or upgrade it, consider making it anti-skid or add an epoxy coating. This will keep it safe to walk on and sturdy from any damages or dents. 


Not For the Garage


A garage tends to be the central storage space for a lot of our items we have at home. But here are some that should be stored in other places:


Pet Food: We usually think anything related to our pets is dirty and should stay outside. But that is not the case. Pests and other animals could get to it easily and cause a mess. It is better to store this inside and in a container.


Paint: Paint is temperamental when it is exposed to extreme weather. Whether it gets really cool or really hot, it could cause problems if you are storing any paint.  


Propane: If you store extra propane containers for your grill in the garage, you may want to rethink it. These are extremely flammable and any spark could ignite a flame. These are best kept outside. 


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