Five Reasons Fall is a Flexible Time to Move

If you ask people their ideal time to move, most will tell you spring or summer. Spring is a motivating time to clean and make big chances. And if you’re a family with young children, summer is perfect since the kids are out of school. But before you decide on either of these two seasons, know that fall has its advantages!  

Here are a few reasons fall is a great time to transition into a new home. 


1. Movers have more openings.

About 80% of moves take place between April and early September. By time fall comes around, college kids have already moved into their new spaces, and families who have moved to new areas already have their kids in school. This means there are more movers available to assist you. The flexibility is great because you can pick a time and date that’s ideal for you, rather than being forced to move on a random weekday or whenever a mover can fit you in.


2. The weather is ideal.

Spring and summer can prove difficult for moving simply due to the weather conditions. Moving in high heat is exhausting to say the least! In the fall, you’re less likely to run into thunderstorms and rain showers, and it’s cool enough during the day to make for a less exhausting process. However, note that you shouldn’t move too late in the fall. If it gets too cold, you could run the risk of icy roads or snow storms. 


fall3. Lower prices, more options.

Because fall is an off-season, pricing is less competitive. And when the prices are lower, you might feel less pressure to choose the lowest bid. During the fall, you’re more likely to receive multiple bids within your budget. In addition, moving companies need to keep their employees working. Because they’re receiving less business, they are willing to work harder to fill their calendars, even if that means providing discounts. In addition to lower moving prices, you’ll also find discounts for furniture and other items to fill the home. Everything from the summer will start going on sale, and new exciting items are arriving in stores for the holidays. You might be able to find some great deals!

4. You can settle in before the holidays.

Almost no one moves around the holidays because let’s face it — the holidays are for relaxing! It’s a fun but busy time of the year, and the last thing you want to worry about is moving when you could be spending quality time with your friends and family. If you move in the fall, you’ll have enough time to get you and your family settled in before the holidays. And because your house is newly furnished and clean (hopefully), it might be a good opportunity to host your extended family for the holidays!


5. The pandemic has settled (somewhat).

Clearly Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, moving companies and homeowners are knowledgeable enough now to figure out how to navigate it. During the first few months of the pandemic, it was difficult for businesses everywhere to implement the new processes and procedures, because so much was unknown. And while there still is a lot of unknown, businesses now have a better understanding of how to run safely given the circumstances. You might feel more comfortable moving now, versus April or May.


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