Sell My Home Fast

Can I Really Sell My Home Fast?

When we think of the home selling process, usually it comes with the moans and groans of a very drawn out and daunting process. Have no fear if you think you’re stuck with this, think again. Read on if you are in any of the below current situations; we can help move you out of a home quicker than you will believe!


Sell My Home Fast




If Covid or another reason has thrown a wrench into your job status, you’re not alone. Losing a job unexpectedly or any other life changing reason, can lead you to foreclosing your home. Here’s the thing: even if your mortgage company has started to make moves into foreclosure, you still have the option of trying to sell your house independently. Be wary though, take a look at the timeframe of how behind you are on payments. You may have a short amount of time, like a month or so before more permanent foreclosure decisions are made for your home. 




Are you now a proud owner of a recently passed down property? Perhaps you already have a place of your own, or you want a house in another location. Even if you inherit a property, you have the ability to turn it around pretty quickly and sell it. There are options to sell it as is or you can do an assessment of anything that needs to be fixed or replaced so you can estimate the time and cost that may need to be invested before selling. 


Water/Fire Damage


Has your property gone through a traumatic experience? With unpredictable weather or occurrences that can have serious effects on a house, it is still possible to sell a home if it has water or fire damage. Water damage can quickly run up costs and fire damage does just the same. If you don’t have extra money for these, there are still options for you to get out of this current living situation. During the selling process, disclosing the right information will make the home sell quicker. While not everyone is specifically going after water or fire damaged homes, there are still a lot of other buyers like investors who will want to gut the property and redo the whole place. 


Bad Tenants


Do you currently have a rental property that tenants did not take care of? Maybe you had a hard time trying to find renters so application standards were lowered and now you’ve taken a hit on your property. You can sell it if you want to! That’s right, if you feel that it’s the right time to sell it, you can! You don’t have to keep searching for renters, you can take a cash offer or attempt to put it on the market.


Looking to sell your home as quickly and less complicated as possible? Home Buyers Express works with clients in all types of situations. We pride ourselves in accommodating our clients in the best way we can and make their experience a stress-free one. With over 20 years of expertise, you can sit down with any member of our team and walk away with a great solution. Please head over to our website and see how we’ve helped clients in the past. We are happy to talk with you about any questions you may have. 


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