Places to Live in Maryland

Best Places to Live in Maryland

Maryland has a lot of different types of places to live. There is a city for every person’s different types of taste. We have selected a few of the best places to live in Maryland.


Places to Live in Maryland




Right outside of north Washington D.C is home to one of the most affluent areas in Maryland. This city is among one of the most well-educated cities in America. The community boasts some major health and medical service center businesses. It is home to the Walter Reed National Military Center and the Institute of Health. This area also is a favorite of residents for its exciting and entertaining downtown district.




When people tend to think of the best places to live in their state, they automatically assume that it is the richest place, which would mean that it comes with an expensive price to live there. We put Frederick on our list for the dynamics of this city. Home to their own Frederick Municipal Airport and air-force base Fort Detrick, Frederick is quite a charming town. Their downtown area has a lot of quaint shops and restaurants, with the larger scale stores at Francis Scott Key Mall nearby.




Towson is an upscale community with the median family income of $100,000. Towson is a great option for those looking for outdoor experiences while having entertainment and other businesses nearby. There are a lot of parks surrounding the area that provide recreational opportunities. It also has Towson University college, Gouncher college, and multiple hospitals. 


Silver Spring


Silver Spring is tech company central. There are a lot of major retail developments, offices, and independent restaurants. The livability of this area is superb with its many residential areas, community and events calendar, and education systems. 




Columbia has 10 different neighborhoods and is ranked as one of the wealthiest in America. This is a great area for families as there are multiple middle and high schools around. Other fun features of Columbia include sports parks and 25 public swimming pools. 


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