Basics to Interior Decoration

Basics to Interior Decoration

Possibly the best and most exciting part of owning a home is making it into your own space. Interior decorating or design is how everything comes together in your home by creating cohesion and designs that are aesthetically pleasing. While there are many great and professional interior designers, there are certainly some tips and tricks for you to create the space on your own! Here are the basics to interior decoration.


Basics to Interior Decoration


Style, Balance, and Focal Point



The best way to go about design is to tackle one room at a time. Think about what type of atmosphere you want your room to have. There are so many different types of aesthetics where you can come up with one that suits what you like and will look great! Being able to narrow down a style will be very helpful in selecting color schemes, wall art, floor style, etc. that will flow together nicely. 



The size of a room and the size of the items in the room is very important. You will want to create an even balance of things that will ultimately distribute the visual weight of different things like furniture, lighting, and decor. There are also things like texture that create a diverse space. You can also use the position of things to your advantage. For example, if you place a mirror or piece of art higher on the wall, you raise the eye-level, making the room appear more spacious. 


Focal Point

It is always good to decide what will be the focal point of a room. It is something that will draw your guests into the room and create excitement. It is very easy to choose a focal point and is not as involved as it may sound. You can accomplish this simply by use of an accent wall, maybe a fireplace, or unique couch.  


Tips to Think About


Right about now you’re more than excited to dive into your next project! Here are some things to keep in mind along the way.


You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create the room of your interior design dreams. Single out some of your must-have pieces if they cost a little more, but then you can also fill the missing pieces with DIY items or smaller, more inexpensive accent items. Not everything in the room has to cost a lot in order for it to be a beautiful space. 


Lighting can make a big difference. Factor in what your light sources are in a space. Do you have a lot of windows or maybe you have a few cool accent lamps. The way light hits on furniture and wall paint can make colors look different than what they appear in another light. 


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