Advantages to Selling a Home in the Winter Months


For ages, there’s been a perception that selling or buying a home over the holidays is a bad idea. Although other seasons have proven to be prime real estate months, winter also has its perks! No matter what time of the year it is, there are always plenty of reasons to sell a home. In this blog, we’ll cover the advantages of selling a home in the winter months, and why you shouldn’t have to wait for spring to put your home on the market.



What are the advantages of selling a home in the winter? 


The online search for homes is skyrocketing. 


In the past few years, home buyers have been relying heavily on online listings to kick start their search. In fact in 2019, 93% of home buyers were searching the web to find their ideal home. Decades ago when we didn’t have cell phones or computers, many were waiting for optimal weather before they went to view a prospective home. With the ease of accessibility to homes online, you can minimize the time you spend outside. Even for those who are still keen on purchasing in the fall, thorough home buyers will start early in their search. The internet has no seasons!


There are less sellers. 


Most homeowners want to wait until the spring to put their home on the market. However if everybody has this same mindset, your home will get lost in a sea of others. Putting your home on the market during the winter months will allow for less competition, allowing better visibility for your listing as potential buyers will have less homes to choose from. This means you could sell your home much faster than you expected.


Holiday time off can work in your favor. 


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, home buyers will have time off to sit and focus on their house hunting. While many are busy traveling, there are quite a few people who will cozy up at home, especially during COVID. 


Buyers are looking for tax breaks.  


For some home buyers, the tax benefits of buying a home before year-end is enticing. A homeowner has the option to write off certain expenses on their taxes, like mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance, and real estate taxes. 


How can I optimize my home for selling in the winter months? 


Keep it simple. Less is more when it comes to space in your home. While holiday decorations can work in your favor, use them sparingly so the home appears more open. Use the ones you feel provide the most character to the home!

Play into the season. Everyone loves to feel cozy in the winter. Consider lighting the fireplace, playing holiday music in the background, etc. 

Invest in outdoor lighting. Especially if someone is coming to view your home after 5pm, having outdoor lighting can work in your favor. You don’t want your home to appear dark and unsafe. 

Selling your home through traditional means can be a long and tedious process. Particularly in 2020, many of us don’t have the means or time to spend on going through the traditional home selling process. If you need to sell your home quickly, Home Buyers Express can help. Our cash buying process is completed in four simple steps, and you’ll be working with a recognized team of real estate professionals. Visit our how it works page for more information, and contact us today. 


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