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5 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

When you’re trying to sell your home, you want to make it appealing to prospective buyers. You’ve likely invested in other ways to increase your home’s value, such as installing a new HVAC system, water heater, new roof, or even finishing the basement. Below are a few inexpensive ways to improve your curb appeal to make a great first impression when selling your home.

Add Greenery Around The Home

Adding flowers and other greenery around your home significantly boosts your home’s appearance and increases curb appeal. If you don’t already have a garden you’ve planted, buy some planters or window boxes, and you’re good to go. For the best impression, use plants to draw the eye to the entryway and windows. A hanging planter is also an excellent way to provide some life and color if you have a narrow entryway.

Improve Your Mailbox

How often do you pay attention to mailboxes when you walk or drive down the street? Chances are you don’t unless there’s something wrong with the mailbox or if it has a unique appearance or design. Older, outdated mailboxes can be prone to water leaks and rust, so replacing your mailbox is necessary for an excellent first impression.

Light Up Entryways And Pathways

A dark entryway is unwelcoming, but it also makes it difficult for people to see where they’re walking when they’re coming to your front door. This is why it’s a good idea to have a lighted pathway to your door and an automatic light outside your front door. When you have good lighting to and at your door, your home appears more welcoming.

Make Your House Number Visible From The Street

You know your house number by heart, but potential buyers don’t know your house number at all. It’s challenging for people to the right house if the house number isn’t easily visible from the street. 

Not only does this increase curb appeal, but it also makes it easier for emergency service professionals to find your house. To make your house number more visible, try colors that contrast from your home, a large size, or light from behind to make it easier for people to find the house during the nighttime and will increase curb appeal. 

Paint The Front Door

It pays to stand out, and your front door is a great way to do it. Choosing the right bold color that complements your house color draws the eye and enhances the outward appearance of your home. 

Replace Gutters And Downspouts

Zinc rain gutters are highly durable and resist weathering, warping, and corrosion. Old gutters have holes, rust spots, peeling paint, and other issues that make your home look worse. Gutter guards are available from some roofing companies. Not only do gutter guards allow water to flow away from the roof, but gutter guards block debris and prevent mold, mildew, and clogs.

It’s relatively quick and easy to boost your home’s curb appeal, especially if you plan ahead. By the time you’re finished, your home will look fantastic and potentially inspire everyone on your block to improve the home’s outward appearance. Once you’re finished, you’ll be amazed by the results, and so will potential home buyers.

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