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3 Tips for Selling an Inherited Home Quickly

Selling an inherited home can be more stressful than selling your typical real estate. You may need to navigate the wills and probate process, not forgetting that you’re also dealing with the loss of a loved one. With several steps and intricacies involved when selling an inherited home, you need to prepare for what is ahead and make sure you’re following the right steps.

Looking to sell your inherited home quickly? Here are three essential tips to help you navigate the process.

Refer to the Will

Referring to the will is the first step you should take before selling the house. Ensuring that all legal issues have been addressed and you are indeed the beneficiary is vital. If there are multiple beneficiaries, make sure that you all agree to sell the property.

In cases where a will is absent, you should resolve to apply for probate. This is a legal proceeding used to settle a person’s estate after death, and it usually grants an individual the authority to oversee the deceased estate. With this, you can go ahead and initialize the procedures for selling the property.

Prepare the Home for Sale

Once all the legal issues have been sorted out and you can legally sell the house, the next thing is to prepare it. First, you should empty the home of all the deceased belongings. This can be a pretty emotional task, especially if you had a close relationship with the departed, but assigning this task to someone you trust can expedite the process.

Second, you should arrange for an inspection to know the house’s condition and if any significant repairs should be disclosed when selling. Finally, it would help if you spruced up the home to appear appealing to potential buyers. This can include a thorough cleaning, painting the walls, and even working on the curb appeal.

Assess the Value of the House and Consider a Cash Buyer

Once the house is dolled up and ready to go, you should consider assessing its value beforehand so you don’t overprice or underprice it. An online value estimator or a professional home valuer can help with the assessment.

If you are not in the mood to waste your precious time and energy dealing with a real estate agent or listing your house and waiting for your dream buyer, you should consider selling your house to a cash buyer. This will help you sell your inherited home quickly as the cash buyer will buy the house “as-is”. You don’t have to worry about repair costs or agent commissions and fees.

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